Wiederhoeft Academy of Magical and Performing Arts - we’re not like other magic schools. Auditions for the school play begin today, and drama club is known for pulling out the looks. This coming-of-age collection reflects on the queer identity within a magical context, defining a sense of identity in a world where we become our own heroes.

Rachel Sennott, Danielle Mareka, Symone Lu, Austin Goodwin, Jovel Ramos, Paperboy Prince, West Dakota, Teddy Quinlivan, Jacob Guzman, Sarah Abney, Blew Velvet, PJ Magerko, Yasha Lelonek, Carmen Julia Duran Garcia, Fashion LaBeja, Leslie Andrea Williams

PHOTOGRAPHY … notpaulsimon
MAKEUP … Raisa Flowers with product provided by MAC Cosmetics
HAIR … Sean Bennett
NAILS … Yuri Osuka
ART DIRECTOR … Queens Design Team
MOVEMENT … Paul Zivkovich
DESIGN TEAM … Hana Holquist
PHOTO ASST ... Daniel Calderon
LIGHTING ASST … Mark Leubbers