Launched in 2019 via an overdrawn story ballet, Wiederhoeft is a design house obsessed with theatre, dance, and the magic of live performance. Buffoonery! Bamboozlement! Mockery! These are the virtues and muses of the Wiederhoeft dreamscape…

Jackson Wiederhoeft is a graduate of Parsons School of Design, where they won “Women’s Designer of the Year” in 2016 for their thesis collection, “The Dollies.” From there they went on to design for Thom Browne for three years, where his work focused on the women’s runway collections. These years provided an opportunity to hone his craft, gaining a complete understanding of the design and execution of couture-level garments.

Wiederhoeft’s debut collection, “Spooky Couture,” launched in October 2019, a fashion show designed within the context of a story ballet. The second collection, “The Music Box,” featured models wearing faerie wings and tutu skirts circling a ballet performance, set at Spring Studios.

In 2020 Wiederhoeft released the first bridal collection - redirecting the attention to detail and sense of storytelling within a context that embraces Romanticism and challenges tradition. In 2021, the sixth collection, “Wiederhoeft Academy of Magical and Performing Arts,” addresses ready-to-wear and contextualizes the Wiederhoeft fantasy for everyday experiences.

Within the collections, every look comes along with its own character, each unique in this faerie tale-esque, overdrawn universe. The collections and shows are not only an opportunity to bring this brand of buffoonery to life, but a chance to celebrate fashion within the context of live performance.